Is it a black shell?

Leigh the Spray has been experimenting with colours.

Champagne 🍾 sparkle

Nearly complete with our Champagne 🍾Sparkle Tama Starclassic kit at Cariad Custom Drums

Creating unique colours

Looking at some exclusive and unique colours at Cariad Custom Drums.


Drum bearing Edges, The facts about what matters 


Here’s a review video about the angles of bearing edges and whether they make any difference to the sound of the shell.

The 3 Leigh’s


Hello please meet the three Leigh’s of Cariad. Shop owner, drummer, custom builder.

Cariad Custom Drums

Here’s a little video showing my very early days of trials before Cariad Custom was born. Now we bring many beloved kits back to life for lots of drummers!

Sjc Custom drums respray

Here is The Vamps’ drum kit, resprayed in matte white for their new colour theme. 

Yamaha Stage Custom

We were required to try to match a stage custom with a live oak custom. real tough job as wood grains were different but we got it pretty close I think.

 Shell respray Vlog

Here is a small video Log from my phone showing what projects we have on the go at Cariad Custom Drums.

Pearl Session Studio

Here we have a short video showing a recolour of a stunning Session Studio by Pearl drums custom painted to Green Marble.

Sonor Copper Sparkle

Weekly Vlog showing update on colours and bits.

Black & Gold George Way drums

Weekly Vlog from Leigh The Spray. Here we have been asked to spray black & gold bands on this beautiful George Way drum kit.

advise on cracked cymbals

Just a little chat from Leigh The Spray on that dreaded thing of a cracked cymbal. Ouch that hurts. Check out my channel for lots of advise on all things drums!! look out for the Ufip factory clip in the middle and the out-takes at the end.

George Way drums. Deco, Paint re-finish

Custom Paints Vlog From Cariad

Ludwig Brick Epic snare Custom Paint

Vlog July 2019 from Cariad.

Custom Paint Vlog from Cariad 08/19

Custom Drum Vlog 19-10-19

Custom Drum Vlog from Cariad 15/06/20

Here’s our weekly Vlog from Cariad..cherry red and purple matching.

Our New CDE-Station

 Here’s a glimpse of a new E-drum station we are developing with 2Box at Cariad drums.

Our New Octoban E-drums

We are detailing and testing Octoban sets with triggers and mesh heads for you lovely drummers.

Pearl session Elite

A quick Vlog showing a stunning Pearl Session Elite in Cariad White with silver & blue dust.

Yamaha 9000 custom paint, copper sparkle

The beginnings of Cariad Custom

This is the very start of Cariad Custom Drums, although I didn’t know at the time what we would become. Now Cariad has become a well loved brand through tons of hard work and learning. We hope to keep serving you drummers out there and to keep encouraging all to play this fantastic instrument.

Ludwig Keystone X

Here we have a stunning Keystone X by Ludwig re-finished by Cariad in our Gun Metal Grey.

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