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The Three Leighs of Cariad

Hello please meet the three Leighs of Cariad. Shop owner, drummer, custom builder.

Custom Drums

Here’s a little video showing my very early days of trials before Cariad Custom was born. Now we bring many beloved kits back to life for lots of drummers!

The Vamps Matte White Respray

This video shows the matte white available at Cariad Custom Drums.

This was sent to us by The Vamps to create their new theme colour.

Gun Metal Sparkle Respray

Here we have a stunning Keystone X by Ludwig re-finished by Cariad Custom Drums in our Gun Metal Sparkle Grey.




Yamaha Stage Custom

We were required to match a stage custom with a live oak custom. It was a real tough job as the wood grains are different but we got it pretty close…




Shell respray Vlog

Here is a small video log from my phone showing what projects we have on the go at Cariad Custom Drums.





Pearl Session Studio Green Marble

Here we have a short video showing a recolour of a stunning Session Studio by Pearl drums custom painted to Green Marble.


Broken Hoops

Vlog from showing some hoops that we need to respray and replace.


Pearl Session Elite White w/ Blue Dust

A quick Vlog showing a stunning Pearl Session Elite in Cariad White with silver & blue dust.




Sonor Copper Sparkle

Weekly Vlog showing update on colours and bits.

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