Work Examples

Work Examples

Have a peep below at some examples of our work at Cariad Custom Drums…

Pearl Session Studio Classic Respray

This Pearl Studio drum kit was originally in Piano Black, but after a respray at Cariad, we turned it into this stunning Blue Marble.

SONOR AQ1 Series drums are only currently available in either Piano Black or Piano White.

So we bought a Piano Black finished 5 Piece in new and transformed it into the following…

Available for order


Our Sonor AQ1 Baby Blue was recently purchased from our sister company – Cariad Drum Shop.

But, if you like this colour and want it on your drum shells then we can colour match it to this exact colour.

Pop over to our Contact Page to get in touch.

This fab Premier kit was in desperate need of some TLC. So we took her in and gave her a makeover…

Here are the before and after pics:




After a refurb at Cariad Custom Drums…

Here’s Gary – another happy customer collecting his stunning red sparkle kit after a refurbishment at Cariad Custom Drums.

Gary also purchased all new drum heads and parts from our sister company Cariad Drum Shop.

Here we a have 1970s Ludwig Tequila Sunrise Vistalite acrylic kit, which was brought to us in need of some TLC.

Scratches and dents were buffed and polished out – resulting in the following…

A popular service from Cariad, refinishes and repears models that are no longer available on the market. The following example is one of half a dozen premier kits we’ve done with the royal blue being the most popular.


Mixed Selection of Drum Shells

Here we have some examples of kits and shells that we’ve resprayed and refurbished…

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